Segway City 4/14/4
Wednesday 11 PM 'til 3 AM
Host: Larry Monroe

Digital Photographs by LM

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Bobby Valentino The Man Who Invented Jazz You're Telling Me Vireo
(VRCD 1106)
Jellyroll Morton Doctor Jazz The Pearls RCA
Van Morrison Whinin' Boy Moan What's Wrong With This Picture? Blue Note
Jellyroll Morton Winin' Boy Blues The Pearls RCA
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Bob Dylan Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum "Love & Theft" Columbia
(CK 85975)
Dixie Chicks Mississippi Top Of The World Tour - Live Open Wide/ Monument/ Columbia
(C2K 90794)
Patty Griffin Top Of The World Impossible Dream
(advance copy)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Rolling Stones Happy Exile On Main Street Rolling Stones
(CGK 40489)
Cornell Hurd Band Happy Hour In Hell Honky-Tonk Mayhem Behemoth
Willie Nelson Heaven Or Hell Phases & Stages Atlantic
(7 82192-2)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Jeff Plankenhorn Not Be Lonely Plank Blue Corn
(BCM 0304)
Gurf Morlix Were You Lyin' Down? Cut 'N Shoot Blue Corn
(BCM 0402)
Texas Tornados Who Were You Thinkin' Of The Best Of Texas Tornados Reprise
(9 45511-2)
Chris Gaffney My Baby's Got A Dead Man's Number Loser's Paradise Hightone
(HCD 8062)
Midnight Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Stevie Ray Vaughan
And Double Trouble
Taxman Greatest Hits Epic/Legacy
(EK 66217)
Bob Dylan Masters Of War The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Columbia
(CK 8786)
Vaughan Brothers Tick Tock Family Style Epic/Associated
(ZK 46225)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Danny O'Keefe Catfish Breezy Stories Atlantic
(7 81427-2)
John Prine Whistle And Fish Souvenirs Oh Boy
Taj Mahal Fishin' Blues In Progress & In Motion 1965-2998 Columbia
(C3K 64919)
Koko Taylor Fishin' Trip Jump For Joy Alligator
(ALCD 4784)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Floramay Holliday Fishin Trouble And A Truer Sound Roseneath
Shelley King The Highway Rockin' The Dancehall Lemonade
Toni Price Tennessee Whiskey Born To Be Blue Antone's/TMG
(TMG-ANT 0060)
Leeann Atherton Mean And Ugly Lady Liberty Steppin' Stone
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
The Flatlanders Baby Do You Love Me Still Wheels Of Fortune New West
Gurf Morlix Yesterday She Didn't Cut 'N Shoot Blue Corn
(BCM 0402)
Slaid Cleaves Horses And Divorces Wishbones Philo
Paul Siebel Uncle Dudley Paul Siebel Philo
(CD PH 1161)
1 AM Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Charlie Musselwhite Train To Nowhere Sanctuary RealWorld
(70876 18477 2 7)
Webb Wilder Rocket To Nowhere Acres Of Suede Watermelon
(CD 1033)
Omar & The Howlers Magic Man I Told You So Austin Records
(ARCD 8401)
Suzy Elkins Get Lost Glass Slippers
(Just Hurt My Feet)
(VER 0420-2)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Eliza Gilkyson Hiway 9 Land Of Milk And Honey Red House Records
(RHR CD 174)
Bill Morrissey Oil Money Bill Morrissey Philo
(CD PH 1105)
Steve Forbert The Oil Song More Young, Guitar Days Rolling Tide Records
(VLT 15163)
Phil Ochs Gas Station Women Farewells & Fantasies Elektra/Rhino
(R2 73518)
Lucinda Williams I Asked For Water (He Gave Me Gasoline) Lucinda Williams Koch
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Po' Girl Wheels Are Taking Me Away Po' Girl Hightone
(HCD 8161)
Stanley Smith Riverboat Dreams In The Land Of Dreams Spanks-A-Lot Records
Champ Hood Going To New Orleans Bon Haven South Congress Records
(SCR 1003)
Bobby Charles I Don't Want To Know Secrets Of The Heart Stony Plain/Rice & Gravy
Cornell Hurd Band Featuring Conni Hancock Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away? A Stagecoach Named Desire Behemoth
2 AM Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Tom Russell Seven Curses Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs Hightone
Gurf Morlix They're Hangin' Me Tonight Cut 'N Shoot Blue Corn
(BCM 0402)
The Kingston Trio Tom Dooley The Very Best Of the Kingston Trio Capitol
(CDP 7 46624 2)
Johnny Cash The Long Black Veil Love God Murder Columbia/Legacy
(C3K 63809)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Lucinda Williams Little Angel, Little Brother Sweet Old World Chameleon
Gurf Morlix Your Sister Cut 'N Shoot Blue Corn
(BCM 0402)
Blaze Foley Girl Scout Cookies Blaze Foley Vital (vinyl)
Chris Gaffney Cowboys To Girls Loser's Paradise Hightone
(HCD 8062)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
Charlie Musselwhite Snake Song Sanctuary RealWorld
(70876 18477 2 7)
Townes Van Zandt Man Gave Names To All The Animals Road Songs Sugar Hill
(SH CD 1042)
Townes Van Zandt Snake Mountain Blues Our Mother The Mountain Tomato
Harvey Mandel Snake The Mercury Years Mercury
(314 528 275-2)
Break Larry Monroe Set Notes
The Red Stick Ramblers Main Street Blues Bring It On Down Memphis International
(DOT 0208)
Charlie Musselwhite Burn Down The Cornfield Sanctuary RealWorld
(70876 18477 2 7)
John Hammond Shore Leave Wicked Grin Pointblank
(7243 8 50764 2 8)
The Beatles Taxman Revolver Parlophone
(CDP 7 46441 2)
3 AM Break Larry Monroe Set Notes LM Signs Off

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Digital Photographs by LM

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