Texas Radio 11/08/98

Gretchen Phillips during the 10 PM hour.
ARTIST              SONG                 ALBUM              
Austin Lounge Lizards Gingrich The Newt Live Bait
Paul Metsa Lincoln's Bedroom CD single
Timbuk3 Prey A Hundred Lovers
Austin Lounge Lizards Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers On Drugs Live Bait
Phil Ochs Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends Farewells & Fantasies/3
James McMurtry Comfortable Walk Between The Raindrops
Webb Wilder Safeside Hybrid Vigor
RRAF No Great Shakes RRAF
Omar & The Howlers I Told You So I Told You So
Gary Primich Dummy On Your Knee Mr. Freeze
Junior Brown Darling I'll Do Anything You Say Semi-Crazy
Junior Brown The Better Half Long Walk Back
Toni Price Lucky Swim Away
Angela Strehli Deja Blue Deja Blue
Lucinda Williams Concrete & Barbed Wire Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
Laurie Freelove Heaven On Earth Smells Like Truth
10 PM Break Larry Monroe Set Rundown
Gretchen Phillips segment, including interview, recorded work, and live performance
Gretchen Phillips Hello Darling Songs To Save Your Soul
Two Nice Girls The Sweet Postcard 2 Nice Girls
Two Nice Girls Speed Racer Like A Version
Two Nice Girls Princess Of Power Chloe Liked Olivia
Gretchen Phillips (vocal & guitar)/Darcee Douglas (Bass) Cotton Crown LIVE in the KUT control room
(As above) Every Humble Knee Must Bow LIVE in the KUT control room
(As above) Together Again LIVE in the KUT control room
Gretchen Phillips Satan's Jewel Crown Songs To Save Your Soul
Gretchen Phillips Peace On Earth Songs To Save Your Soul
11 PM Break Larry Monroe Recap & Set Intro
3 Balls Of Fire The Men With The Burning Guitars 10th Anniversary Edition
3 Balls Of Fire Island Girl 10th Anniversary Edition
3 Balls Of Fire El Malpias 10th Anniversary Edition
3 Balls Of Fire Machine Gun 10th Anniversary Edition
3 Balls Of Fire Beatnik 10th Anniversary Edition
Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire 18 Original Greatest Hits
Don Walser Big Ball In Cowtown Archive Series/1
Don Walser Please Help Me I'm Falling Down At The Sky-Vu Drive-In
Texana Dames Fools Fall In Love Months & Months Of Sundays
Jonell Mosser No Place To Fall Around Townes
Lucinda Williams Am I Too Blue Lucinda Williams (re-issue)
Sue Foley Baltimore Skyline 10 Days In November
Sue Foley Long Way To Go 10 Days In November
Walter Hyatt In November King Tears
Midnight Break Larry Monroe Set Rundown/Program Closeout

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