Phil Music 09/23/99
Host: Larry Monroe

Tonight's program was a Public Radio fund-raiser
Austin: 471-6291, Nationwide: 1-888-471-6291

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I am included in a recent Worker's Playtime.

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Phil Music is searching for his diary.
But I've got it and I'm gonna read it to you.
I'm Larry Monroe standing in...

Subject to change. I'm still working on this one.
Phil Music promised to meet me at the station . . .
but he didn't guaran-damn-tee it.
Bobby Valentino Guaran-damn-tee You're Telling Me Vireo
Chris Smither Don't Make Promises Drive You Home Again Hightone
Tim Hardin Misty Roses Hang On To A Dream Polydor
Lucinda Williams Like A Rose Lucinda Williams Koch
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 471-6291
Michelle Palmer,
Rick Jordan,
Carmen Zacarias & Jim Hall
Total: $145
Phil Music has got no expectations to pass this way again.
Johnny Cash No Expectations Cover You: A Tribute To The Rolling Stones Hip-o
Fred Neil Everybody's Talkin' The Many Sides Of Fred Neil: CD 1 Collectors' Choice
Tim Buckley Dolphins Honeyman Manifesto
Rolling Stones She's A Rainbow Their Satanic Majesties Request abkco
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 1-888
Julie Moroney
Laura Sturtz
John McLeod
Michael Billert
Henrike McGavrin
Total: $365
Phil Music is learning the lyrics to Gloria.
featuring Van Morrison
Gloria The British Invasion, The History Of British Rock: Vol. 5 Rhino
Patti Smith Gloria CD Sampler
(from Horses)
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge:
Charles & Rolinda Carrington
John Grzinich
Total: $485
Phil Music is sitting on a hillside.
Wagoneers Atlanta Good Fortune A & M
Tom Ovans Real Television Dead South Demon Records
Tom Ovans Bozo World The Beat trade Floating World
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 471-6291
Tony Villanueva of the Derailers stopped by.
We played from the new Derailers CD "Full Western Dress
Phil Music has booked passage on a slow boat to China.
John Prine Slow Boat To China Aimless Love Oh Boy
Otis Redding Dock Of The Bay The Definitive Otis Redding: CD 3 Rhino
The Platters Harbor Lights The Very Best Of
The Platters
Chuck Berry Havana Moon Poet Of Rock N' Roll:
CD 4
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 1-888
Gloria Eckstrom
Kristen Whitworth
Susan Nestegard
Catherine Thompson & Family
Markie Bowles
Betsy Pilkington
Vicki Crnich & Barry Stambaugh
David Kendall
David Young
Neil Crump
John Kuny
Booth O'Quinn
Total: $1749
Phil Music is in Kansas
Fabulous Thunderbirds The Monkey T-Bird Rhythm Chrysalis
Omar & The Howlers Monkey Land Monkey Land Antone's
Rolling Stones Monkey Man Let It Bleed abkco
Tom Ovans The Monkeys Have Landed The Beat trade Floating World
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge:
In memory of Blaze Foley
Javier & Dyanne Cortez
Dan Lucinda Williamss
Bob Leonard
Howard Lenett
Rose Hulings
Total: $2179
This was the week that the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.
I consulted Gary Primich for the exact song to play
(you may need to read between the lines here).
The Phil Music excuse was:
"Phil Music is picking up his girl friend Monica...
I'm sorry, Phil Music is picking up his girl friend's harmonica.
I'm Larry Monroe standing in..."
Junior Wells Chitlins Con Carne Hoodoo Man Blues
Coasters Young Blood 50 Coastin' Classics Atco
Cream Politician Wheels Of Fire Polydor
Bob Dylan Political World Oh Mercy Columbia
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 471-6291
Bill Grey
Dan O'Brien
Debra & Darwin Mann
Total: $2439
Blaze Foley If I Could Only Fly Live At The Austin Outhouse...And Not There cassette (I have an unreleased one off CD)
Texana Dames Picture Cards In Tribute & Loving Memory: The Songs Of Blaze Foley Deep South
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 1-888
The Thursday Night Bridge Club
Eric Yerkovitch
Total: $2579
Phyllis Music is Jane Doe Number 57.
Roy Orbison She's A Mystery To Me Mystery Girl Virgin
Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday Singles Collection:
The London Years: CD 2
Walter Hyatt Ruby King Tears MCA
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge:
Dug & Marily Edmondson
Total: $2609
"Phil Music is in orbit..."
Steve Miller Brave New World Brave New World Capitol
Jimmie Dale Gilmore Braver Newer World Braver Newer World Elektra
Pledge Break Larry Monroe Please pledge: 471-6291
Phil Music musta notta gotta lotta sleep last night.
Joe Ely Musta Notta Gotta Lotta Musta Notta Gotta Lotta MCA
3 more pledges came in at the end.
I can't seem to find the notes, tho.
I'll check the air check tape and post the info later.

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