Phil Music 03/18/99
Host: Larry Monroe
* * * * * * * * * *
sxsw Extravaganza
Guest List:
Sandy Bull (Nashville)
Michael de Jong (The Netherlands)
John Sinclair (New Orleans)

Well, it was hectic fun.
I'll post the set list as I go through the air check.
Partially posted; More to come...

Sandy Bull Memphis, Tennessee Inventions
Larry & Sandy Bull interview segment
Sandy Bull Little Maggie Re-Inventions:
The Best Of The Vanguard Years
Sandy Bull Moodswing Salsa Jukebox School Of Music
Larry & Sandy Bull interview segment
Sandy played his Oud live in the studio
Sandy Bull Drifting Vehicles
Sandy Bull Can I Get A Witness Steel Tears
Larry & Sandy Bull interview segment (brief)
Michael de Jong Vienna Breakdown Grown Man Moan
Larry & Michael de Jong interview segment
I need to check the air check for the middle 2 hours.
Fastball The Way All The Pain Money Can Buy
David Garza

Chuck E. Weiss

Tom Waits Highway Cafe Pearls In The Snow:
The Songs Of Kinky Friedman
Webb Wilder Loud Music Acres Of Suede
John Sinclair & Ed Moss Bloomdido/Bird Droppings If I Could Be With You
Larry & John Sinclair interview segment
John Lennon John Sinclair Sometime In New York City
Excerpt from phone call between John Lennon, John Sinclair, Yoko Ono & Leni Sinclair which I recorded the night Sinclair was released from Jackson State Prison
Larry & John Sinclair interview segment
John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars Pea Vine Special Full Moon Night
Midnight Break Larry Monroe & John Sinclair Program Closeout

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