Phil Music 01/29/98

This is the program for the week that the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.

The Phil Music excuse was:

"Phil Music is picking up his girl friend Monica...
I'm sorry, Phil Music is picking up his girl friend's harmonica.
I'm Larry Monroe standing in..."

Junior Wells Chitlins Con Carne Hoodoo Man Blues
Coasters Young Blood 50 Coastin' Classics
Cream Politician Wheels Of Fire
Bob Dylan Political World Oh Mercy
Timbuk3 Prey A Hundred Lovers
Roky Erickson Don't Slander Me All That May Do My Rhyme
Bob Dylan Idiot Wind Bootleg Series/2
Townes Van Zandt Blue Wind Blew At My Window
Janis Joplin Down On Me Greatest Hits
Randy Newman Lonely At The Top Sail Away
Little Feat On Your Way Down Dixie Chicken
Junior Wells Early In The Morning It's My Life Baby
Champion Jack Dupree Jail Bait One Last time
Elvis Jail House Rock Top 10 Hits
9 PM Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Coasters Along Came Jones 50 Coastin' Classics
Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower Kiss The Sky
Firesign Theatre Courtroom Scene Don't Crush That Dwarf
Bob Dylan Drifter's Escape John Wesley Harding
Butch Hancock Hidin' In The Hills You Coulda Walked Around The World
Coasters The Shadow Knows 50 Coastin' Classics
Toni Price Run Run Run Sol Power
Simon & Garfunkel Somewhere They Can't Find Me Sounds Of Silence
Chuck Berry You Can't Catch Me Great 28
Bill Kirchen Hot Rod Lincoln Hot Rod Lincoln Live
Bill Hicks Re: Keith Richards Dangerous
Rolling Stones Satisfaction Singles/1
Bob Dylan Million Miles Time Out Of Mind
Junior Brown Joe The Singing Janitor Semi Crazy
Butch Hancock Junkyard In The Sun Eats Away The Night
Townes Van Zandt Turnstyled Junkpiled Delta Mama Blues
10 PM Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Austin Lounge Lizards The Dogs, They Really Miss You Employee Of The Month
Austin Lounge Lizards Rocky Byways Employee Of The Month
Austin Lounge Lizards Monkey On My Back Employee Of The Month
Austin Lounge Lizards Trailways Of Tears Employee Of The Month
Austin Lounge Lizards Leonard Cohen's Day Job Employee Of The Month
Leonard Cohen Everybody Knows I'm Your Man
Waylon Jennings Nobody Knows Waymore's Blues
Bonnie Raitt I Know Give It Up
Uncle Walt's Band Don't You Know Can't You See An American In Texas
Van Morrison You Don't Know Me Days Like This
Webb Wilder Do You Know Something I Don't Know Hybrid Vigor
Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Michael Fracasso Hospital World In A Drop Of Water
Michael Fracasso Chain Link Fence World In A Drop Of Water
Michael Fracasso Jar Of Pennies World In A Drop Of Water
Abra Moore Throw A Penny Sing
Ray Flores/Ray Campi If Teardrops Were Pennies Little Bit Of Heartache
Beatles Penny Lane Magical Mystery Tour
11 PM Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Jessie Mae Hemphill Standing In My Doorway Crying She-Wolf
Bob Dylan Standing In The Doorway Crying Time Out Of Mind
Robbie Fulks Forgotten But Not Gone South Mouth
Dale Watson I Won't Say Goodbye I Hate These Songs
Junior Brown Darlin' I'll Do Anything You Say Semi-Crazy
Toni Price Throw Me A Bone Swim Away
Elvis Hound Dog Top 10 Hits
Rolling Stones Bitch Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones Stray Cat Blues Beggar's Banquet
Rolling Stones Spider & The Fly Singles/1
Dr John Black Widow Spider Mos Scocious/1
Naughty Ones Trapped In A Web Of Love I Dig Your Voodoo
Willis Alan Ramsey Ballad Of Spider John Willis Alan Ramsey
Midnight Break Larry Monroe Set Rundown/Program Closeout

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