Phil Music 01/08/98

This one doesn't quite add up.
I might not have logged it all.

Elvis Jailhouse Rock 50s/3
Elvis Trouble 50s/4
Elvis Lawdy Miss Clawdy 50s/2
Elvis Mystery Train 50s/1
Paul Simon Graceland Graceland
Elvis Heartbreak Hotel Top 10 Hits
Elvis I Forgot To Remember To Forget Sun Sessions
Elvis You're A Heartbreaker Sun Sessions
Jimmie Dale Gilmore I Was The One Spinning Around The Sun
Elvis That's When Your Heartaches Begin 50s/3
Elvis Treat Me Nice 50s/4
Elvis Love Me Elvis
Elvis Anyplace Is Paradise 56
Elvis Any Way You Want Me 50s/2
Elvis A Fool Such As I Top 10
Joni Mitchell Baby I Don't Care Wild Things Run Fast
Elvis Baby Let's Play House Sun Sesions
Elvis Money Honey Elvis Presley
Elvis In The Ghetto Top 10
Tom Ovans The Real Bono Tales From The Underground
Sonny & Cher The Beat Goes On Atlantic/Atco Remasters/2
Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Ronnie Dawson Rockin' Bones Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson Action Packed Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson Do Do Do Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson I Make The Love Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson Jump & Run Rockin' Bones
Ronnie Dawson Rockin' In The Cemetary Rockinitis
Ronnie Dawson Up Jumped The Devil Monkey Beat
Gene Vincent Race With The Devil Legends Of Guitar/Rock/50s/1
Commander Cody Hot Rod Lincoln Lost In The Ozone
George Jones The Race Is On Greatest Hits
Coasters Stewball 50 Coastin Classics
David Halley Live & Learn Stray Dog Talk
Bob Dylan 'Til I Fell In Love With You Time Out Of Mind
Elvis That's Alright Sun Sessions
Bill Morrissey Letter From Heaven Inside (I think)
Break Larry Monroe Set rundown
Bob Dylan Cold Irons Bound Time Out Of Mind
Wallflowers Angel On My Bike Bringing Down The Horse
Pink Floyd Bike Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Vaughan Brothers Tick Tock Family Style
Jimmie Dale Gilmore Braver Newer World Braver Newer World
Emmylou Harris Sweet Old World Wrecking Ball
Gram Parsons $1000 Wedding Grievous Angel
Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want Let It Bleed
Elvis I Want You I Need You I Love You Top 10
Midnight Break Larry Monroe Set Rundown/Program Closeout

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